DISARMAMENT and International security

The Head Chair for the Disarmament Committee is Ria

The Co-Chair is Iman and the Guest Chair is James

Welcome to the DISEC Committee!

DISEC was one of the first main committees in GA when the charter of the UN was signed. It was formed to discuss issues of international peace and governing disarmaments as well as giving recommendations of such principles to security council; so it’s a pretty powerful yet underrated committee! At MUNHIGH we hope to not overlook the influence this committee can have in solving issues of international security and peace.


Terrorism has been an underlying threat for decades but over the recent years the issue of the radicalisation and recruitment of terrorists has become increasingly urgent. With the advent of social media the ability to do such tasks have become worryingly easy. We wonder what restrictions can be put into place to stop this? Other pressing issues are such as managing the production of biological weapons; not just from member states but also by terrorists. Despite already being tackled in the BWC, little action has taken place to implement it so we hope to solve this. Finally, our third topic is preventing a development of an arms race in space. Tensions between countries have been rising as the topic of space weaponisation has been discussed, we must prevent the militarisation of space before it leads to global unrest. 


We have an interconnected world where every issue relates to another and is not as simple to solve them as it seems due to largely contrasting views. Thus, I am excited to see how everyone tackles these issues as per the views of their country while still attempting to be diplomatic.


UN Industrial Development Organisation




All resolutions must be submitted by Thursday 30th January (11:59 pm)

Please email all resolutions to:


In the subject line, include your COMMITTEE, COUNTRY, and the ISSUE

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Please ensure all resolutions are emailed to the above address by the deadline as we cannot accept resolutions brought in on USB flash drives on the day. Please also bring at least one paper copy of your resolution to the conference for lobbying purposes.

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