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in support of francis house


Thank you for supporting MUNHigh 2022's charity


A huge aspect of the UN is ensuring that our Earth and all its inhabitants are looked after. It allows for an increased quality of life wherever possible and aims to provide support where it is needed most. Whilst we know this event is a model, our organising committee wants to ensure that we extend this ethos throughout our conference.

In 2022, we chose a charity very close to our hearts, Francis House. It is an incredible hospice for children that is centred around the idea of holistic care for not only the patient but their whole family. Providing respite care, home care, sibling support, end of life care and bereavement support, it is viewed as a ‘home away from home’ for over 2000 families.

Like with most places, COVID 19 hit them hard and being just a few miles down the road, we wanted to support them in every possible way. All proceeds from the tuck shop went to Francis House so thank you for getting involved and helping us to support them.

Thank you,


Head Of Charity, MUNHigh 2022


   MUNHigh 2023 Charity 

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