The Head Chair for the Political Committee is Evie

The Co-Chair is Karen and the Guest Chair is Rhys

Hi Everyone, 


I’m Evie, Head Chair of Political, and I’m very excited to be involved with MUNHIGH 2020. I hope you are all excited as I am and are looking forward to debating the issues we have chosen for Political. 


‘The issue of the rise of populist politics as a threat to national security’ will explore whether populism can be used to benefit a country or whether it puts us more at risk when a populist leader is elected. In late 2018 it was revealed that one in four Europeans voted for a Populist Party or candidate at their last election, with hard-right parties receiving the greatest increase in vote share. So is populism really a threat? – That’s up to your country to decide. 


Next is ‘the issue of autocracies in the modern world’, another controversial topic. In the modern world, we have seen a huge reduction in the amount of autocracies globally. Today there are 2 main types of autocracy – absolute monarchies and dictatorships, only a handful of member states have a leader who falls into these categories. In order to move to a fully democratic world it will be necessary to work together to remove any remaining autocrats which many member states will be opposed to.  


Finally, ‘worldwide propaganda and censorship’. Even the most democratic and ‘free’ countries will use some form of censorship upon its people, the most common argument being that it is to ‘protect’ them. In many cases censorship can be used in this way but for the many living in a censored country, their speech may be limited by their government’s censorship laws. The same applies for propaganda, the two go hand in hand. For this issue it is critical to think about not only the negatives of propaganda but also the positives it can achieve. 


I look forward to hearing you express your country’s opinion on each of these topics, I hope you can come up with some creative solutions (and acronyms of course!). If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll try my best to answer any query you have.  

UN Industrial Development Organisation




All resolutions must be submitted by Thursday 30th January (11:59 pm)

Please email all resolutions to:


In the subject line, include your COMMITTEE, COUNTRY, and the ISSUE

it addresses. Please also bring a paper copy of your resolution for lobbying purposes.

Please ensure all resolutions are emailed to the above address by the deadline as we cannot accept resolutions brought in on USB flash drives on the day. Please also bring at least one paper copy of your resolution to the conference for lobbying purposes.

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