The Head Chair for the Political Committee is Evie Lomas

We are so excited to welcome you to Munhigh’s Political Committee page. Over the weekend we will be collaborating to achieve outlines which strive to provide in theoretical solutions to real life problems. Increasingly, world politics is becoming consuming, with a particular grip on generation Z, due to information being more accessible than ever.

Firstly, we will be debating the issue of rising populism; weighing up both the advantages and disadvantages it poses. As politicians are treated like celebrities, personalities may begin to outweigh policy. Despite appealing to demographics who may have been disinterested in politics prior, this often comes to the disadvantage of minority groups. For example, ex-president Trump continuously criticising Mexican immigrants to win over the American working class.

We will later address the issue of foreign interference in elections, a major threat to democracy globally. As the world becomes more interconnected, leaders benefit having sympathetic allies (or ones easy to demonise as an excuse for war). Though difficult to prove, suspicions in recent years have led to calls for investigation.
Finally, we will explore tied aid and the negative impacts it often has on LICs. Tied aid is often criticized as preventing developing countries from taking full responsibility of their own development in utilizing the aid. Excessive foreign intervention questions a country’s sovereignty, as well as reinforcing the North/South wealth divide.

Although collaboration across the global community is crucial, organisations like the UN must protect the individual rights of all member states. Together, as the Political committee, we can strive to find that balance.

Evie Lomas
Head Chair of Political Committee


  • The issue of rising populism

  • The issue of foreign interference in elections

  • The issue of exploitation of LICs through tied aid





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