Welcome to Security Council at MUNHigh 2023! This committee is for the most advanced delegates who love a challenge (and have always wanted to use the “Demands” operative clause)! We will be debating three very different, but equally pressing, issues. 


Here, the goal is the same but the format is slightly different to the other committees. The most notable difference is the presence of the P5 who have veto powers with which they can strike any clause that violates their national interest. Security Council has the power to provoke real change and I hope that we can strive to pass clauses that achieve this over the weekend.

Looking forward to a weekend of successful debate,



  • The issue of North Korea

  • The issue of the division in Cyprus

  • The issue of the political status of Tibet

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All resolutions must be submitted by Friday 3rd February 2023 (11:59 pm)

Please email all resolutions to:

In the subject line, include your COMMITTEE, COUNTRY, and the ISSUE

it addresses. Please also bring a paper copy of your resolution for lobbying purposes.

Please ensure all resolutions are emailed to the above address by the deadline as we cannot accept resolutions brought in on USB flash drives on the day. Please also bring at least one paper copy of your resolution to the conference for lobbying purposes.



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