The Head Chair of the Human Rights Committee is Catrin Barrowcliff.

Welcome to all MUNHIGH 2022 delegates,

With the world continuing to battle COVID-19, vaccination schemes have becomes immensely significant and, in many cases, successful. However, the pandemic has only continued to deepen societal divides; even now, marginalised groups such as non-citizens struggle for vaccine access around the world. Therefore, the first topic for debate is “The Issue of Access to Vaccines and Healthcare in Marginalised Communities.”

Secondly, recent events in Afghanistan have once again brought to attention the problems surrounding women’s rights around the world. With a number of countries ruled under Shari’ah Law, for example, this is a topic which much be delicately approached. The next topic for debate is “The Issue of Women’s Rights in Religious Courts.”

Lastly, a number of cases have recently come to light surrounding the horrific practice of human trafficking, in particular across Asia. In countries such as China, this often involves children, kidnapped and mutilated by brutal gangs and forced to beg. This is an immensely sensitive and difficult topic with the final issue being, “The Issue of Human Trafficking for Slave Labour in the Shadow Economy.”

We look forwards to welcoming delegates back to MUNHIGH after a rather unpredictable couple of years.

Catrin Barrowcliff

Head Chair of Human Rights 


  • The issue of human trafficking for slave labour in the shadow economy

  • The issue of women’s rights in religious courts

  • The issue of access to vaccines in marginalised communities

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