New delegates committee

The Head Chair for the Health Committee is Aamana. 

The co-chair is Josie

Welcome to the Health committee!

For many of you, this will be your first Model United Nations conference – rest assured that this is the best place to start.

You will be debating issues concerning some of the most topical global affairs of today: The Issue of Introducing Compulsory Vaccination, and The Issue of Access to Healthcare for Refugees. As members of the Health committee, you are best placed to meaningfully address these issues, brought to light and exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The theme of MUNHIGH21 is ‘Humanity’ – a quality put to the test through treatment of refugees this past year, in face of a health crisis compounded by the globalised nature of the world today. You will address how availability of treatment to refugees is differentiated from that available to host populations and whether such differentiation is in line with the humanitarian principles responsible for life-saving action across the world.

The Issue of Introducing Compulsory Vaccination concerns the level of compromise affordable between personal autonomy, and the protection of a population from life-threatening diseases; especially relevant in our current pandemic. It is the question of whether the enforcement of such action would threaten trust in the benefits of vaccination to the individual. Ultimately, it is the struggle between the realisation of action necessary for the benefit of the majority, and the nuances of the potential implications of its imposition.

Your role is to engage in what is, at its core, intelligent role-play in representation of your member state, throughout what I hope will be fruitful and enjoyable debate!

Your Head Chair,



The Issue of Introducing Compulsory Vaccinations

The Issue of Access to Healthcare for Refugees in Refugee Camps



All resolutions must be submitted by Friday 5th March (11:59 pm)

Please email all resolutions to:

In the subject line, include your COMMITTEE, COUNTRY, and the ISSUE

it addresses. Please also bring a paper copy of your resolution for lobbying purposes.

Please ensure all resolutions are emailed to the above address by the deadline as we cannot accept resolutions brought in on USB flash drives on the day. Please also bring at least one paper copy of your resolution to the conference for lobbying purposes.

Contact your chairs 

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact your chairs by completing the form below. 

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